Reviews for Senior Skip Day ( 2008 ) 1080p

By: karensimon
This is NOT a Ferris Bueller rip-off. About the only thing the twomovies have in common skipping school (in Ferris Bueller's case 3people, & here the entire senior class) & an obsessed principal whogets into trouble.

Unlike Ferris Bueller, the main character Adam, is not cool but tryingto become cool and he is trying to win over a girl. Also unlike FerrisBueller he does not have an adventure going around the city, but isthrowing a party at his house. There is a sister involved, but she's onhis side.

In other words, the movie is an original, not a copy with lots of funnymoments and likable characters. If I had to compare it to any movie,I'd compare it to Can't Hardly Wait, although that was more of aromantic comedy, while this movie is pure comedy.
By: wlaudeman125
common straight to TV teen party movie...sounds like crap? they are,but this one is refreshingly not that bad. an interesting story withsome interesting characters make this quite funny and enjoyable. Someof the characters include a phsyco strict principal, the common nerd(yea) jocks, party guys, and one of the best stoners since James Francoin Pineapple Express. The acting wasn't too bad, a good story with aferris bueler-esquire plot, but still manages to be original. Hasplenty of interesting twists and very funny segments, a few clichédparts but doesn't completely ruin the movie. Give this straight to TVteen party movie a chance, might be worth your while. its actually notbad and will probably give u a good popcorn laugh movie at the least.
By: erostew
Not bad at all. Worth a look.

If you're looking for a film with meaning keep on looking. If you wanta little escapist fun then have a look.

Unlike another reviewer I do not think this is as good as FerrisBueller's Day Off. The script isn't really all that similar except forthe psycho prinicpal. Ferris was "king of the school" skips class for aday of fun. This movie is "school loser throws a party for the wholeclass and becomes semi-cool". They do have characters talking to thescreen in common. I do agree it's pretty much a copy of the premisethough.

The main difference between the 2 movies is the quality of the cast.These guys aren't terrible, and there are actually some pretty goodperformances, but they don't match the quality of the Ferris cast.

The male lead, Gary Lundy, is okay if a bit blah. His unrequited loveinterest is played in a likable and competent way by Kayla Ewell. Bothare basically unknowns, at least to me. Tara Reid is pretty goodalthough in a fairly small part. She doesn't look as hot as she used tobut then she's not playing a teen lead anymore. And Lea Thompson stilllooks too good to be anybody's mom, but does a nice job. Larry Milleris kind of irritating but does okay. Clint Howard is the same asalways, no Macbeth but a quirky and funny character.

Not much else to say really. I didn't bust a gut laughing but I enjoyedit.

Out-and-out teen comedy with a lot of laughs

By: british_jim
I saw this on HBO lateish last night and should have gone to bed with an early start today, but I stayed up with my girlfriend to watch it all the way through. Glad I did.

Films always have something they're trying to achieve. This film's there to make you laugh, particularly if you're sub-30 and probably sub-20 and for that it's great. It's not meant to be deep - it's stupid with a lot of good gags.

I scrape in sub-30 and so remember Ferris Bueller's Day Off from the 80s. Like Family Guy figuring copying the Simpsons set-up was the best idea, so they've copied the set-up almost completely - High School student getting away with party day, getting his girl, graduated sister half-covering for him and Principal chasing him around town (with fat secretary holding the fort). Oh, and a dead relative.

You know it's shallow, but that's why it's good. Does what it's supposed to, hence the 8.